Company culture

Mission: Focus on customer needs, provide excellent power products and services, and create a better life.

Vision:A century-old enterprise, world-class.

Values:Integrity, dedication, excellence, truth-seeking and innovation, struggle and sharing.


With the continuous development of the market economy and the deepening of marketization, the focus of competition among enterprises is also constantly shifting. From product competition to brand competition, and finally to cultural competition. Products will become outdated, brands will age, and only corporate culture will keep companies growing. If an enterprise wants to survive and develop for a long time, it must have a certain corporate culture to support it. In the continuous exploration and development, our company has formed a corporate culture system that conforms to the core values ​​of the industry and has industry characteristics.

Corporate culture is not created out of thin air, it has the soil and climate needed to produce it. The corporate culture is based on reality, which can well condense and summarize the current atmosphere and spiritual outlook of the enterprise; at the same time, it can lead the reality, elevate the spiritual realm of the idea pursued by the enterprise on the existing basis, and lead everyone to the vision.