Box substation how to choose



How to choose box substation:

1. According to the importance of engineering power load and the high-voltage power supply at the construction site, determine the high-voltage incoming line voltage level of the box-type substation.

2, according to the short-circuit capacity of the power grid system, line impedance and other parameters of the short-circuit current calculation, in order to determine the power supply components

3, load calculation, and consider the appropriate margin after the selection of transformer capacity.

4, according to the user situation and environmental conditions to choose the appropriate transformer category (ordinary oil-immersed transformer, sealed oil-immersed transformer, dry transformer, etc.).

5, according to the load situation, select the appropriate number of low-voltage outlet circuit, determine the capacity of low-voltage circuit breaker, and reserve the appropriate spare outlet circuit.

6. When selecting the site of box-type substation, it should be as close to the load center as possible, reduce the length of incoming and outgoing cables, and consider the factors such as convenient incoming and outgoing lines, convenient maintenance and no influence on landscape environment.

7. Take measures to prevent flooding according to installation environmental conditions.

8, box substation do a good job of grounding device installation.

9. Basic practices and equipment installation should meet the requirements of the selected box-type substation product data.

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