The 2019 Annual General Meeting of shareholders was successfully held




On the morning of May 16, 2020, the Company held its 2019 Annual General meeting in the conference room on the second floor. Chairman Zhu Zhongwu, President Chen Shaomin, Chief Financial Officer Lu Guanglei, General Manager Liang Xingsong, members of the board of directors, members of the board of supervisors, members of shareholders and other members attended the general meeting of shareholders.

The general meeting reported to shareholders and shareholders' representatives the work report of the Board of directors in 2019, the work report of the Board of Supervisors, the final financial accounts of the company in 2019 and the financial budget report in 2020. I listened carefully to the report of the meeting with shareholders and shareholders' representatives, and expressed my thanks to the management of the company for its brilliant performance in 2019.

The general meeting of shareholders after three and a half hours of on-site meeting and voting, all the motions of the general meeting of shareholders successfully passed, the meeting has achieved a complete success.

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