Hefei Liyuan Electric Company's products won the "National Power Industry Customer Satisfaction Product"

Recently, the Electric Power Branch of China Water and Electricity Association issued a commendation decision. As a group member of China Quality Inspection Association, Anhui Hefei Liyuan Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd., the KYN28A-12 armored removable switchgear developed and produced by it was rated as 2012 "National Electric Power Industry Customer Satisfaction Product" is the only enterprise in the electric power industry in Anhui that has won this honor. For a long time, Anhui Hefei Liyuan Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. has been committed to the development of electrical equipment products, constantly strengthening quality management and technological innovation, and has successively developed more than ten new intelligent products including KYN28A-12 armored removable switchgear . Especially the developed KYN28A-12 armored removable switchgear has the characteristics of miniaturization, metal armoring, high protection level, perfect five-proof function and good interchangeability. Compared with traditional switchgear, it has unparalleled technological advancement. It has filled the gap in the province and obtained the national patent authorization. Anhui Hefei Liyuan Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. has continuously improved the design, technology and production of this product, and its cost performance, power supply safety and reliability have been fully recognized by customers. This product has been successfully selected as China's famous and high-quality products, recommended products for national power grid construction and transformation, and won the honor of "National Power Industry Customer Satisfaction Product".

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