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YB type (US substation) pre-installed box-type substation

Category: Substations

Description: It mainly produces all kinds of high, medium and low voltage switchgear. Since its establishment, it has developed rapidly with the support of the majority of users. At present, it has a number of advanced machinery and equipment production lines and a scientific research and management team composed of middle and senior talents with rich experience and strong technical force. Technological level and product quality, to better serve our customers.

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Product Details

YB prefabricated substation is a domestic American box substation launched by Hefei Liyuan Power Equipment Co., Ltd. As an important power supply unit in the cabled distribution network, the product integrates high-voltage control, protection, substation and power distribution equipment and An integrated set of pre-installed products, widely used in urban and rural distribution networks.

This product is about putting high-voltage load switch and high-voltage fuse in the transformer oil, and it has two structural forms: the same box with the transformer body or divided into two boxes. The oil tank adopts a fully sealed structure and is equipped with oil temperature gauge, pressure gauge, pressure relief valve, oil drain valve and other components to monitor the operation status of the transformer. The product is divided into ring network type, terminal type and dual power supply type. In order to make this kind of product more suitable for the actual requirements of my country's power grid, the company has introduced a plug-in dry fuse, the fuse of the fuse is not affected. To the properties of transformer oil. Depending on the complexity of the low voltage feedout requirements. Ya B mouth type products are divided into three types of shells: standard type, enhanced type and comprehensive type, so that users and design units can be more flexible and economical when selecting models.

This product complies with GB3906, DL/537, ZBK40001, SD320, GB/T1 7467 and other standards.

Model Description

YB type (American transformer) pre-packed substation

Conditions of Use

1. Ambient air temperature: -10℃-+40℃, the daily average does not exceed 35℃.

2. Altitude: <1000m.

3. Wind speed: equivalent to 34m/s (not more than 700pa).

4. Temperature: The average daily relative humidity is not more than 95%: the average monthly relative humidity is not more than 95%.

5. Shockproof: The horizontal acceleration is not more than 0.4m/s.

6. The inclination of the installation site: not more than 3 degrees.

7. Installation environment: The surrounding air is not obviously polluted by corrosive and flammable gases, and there is no severe vibration at the installation site.

8. When ordering this product beyond the above conditions, you can negotiate with our company.

Product Structure Features

1. The structure is compact and the volume is small, only about 1/3 to 1/5 of the domestic European box transformer of the same capacity, which greatly reduces the floor space.

2. Fully sealed and fully insulated structure, no need for insulation distance, reliable protection of personal safety.

3. The high-voltage wiring can be used for both the ring network and the terminal. The power supply mode is flexible and the reliability is high.

4. Low loss, low noise, low temperature rise.

5. Strong overload capacity, short circuit resistance, resistance; strong hit ability.

6. To meet various low-voltage feed-out requirements, you can choose according to the plan or design it yourself.

7. There are two types of cable head: 200A elbow plug and 600A "lower" type fixed cable connector, which can be equipped with full insulation.

8. Zinc oxide arrester, 200A type cable head can be plugged and unplugged with load, and can also play the role of isolation switch. Main technical parameters

YB type (US transformer) pre-installed box-type substation

Other parameters

YB type (US transformer) pre-packed substation
YB-type (American transformer) pre-packaged box-type substation


YB type (US transformer) pre-packed substation
YB type (American transformer) pre-packed substation

Ordering Instructions

The user should provide the following data to the company when ordering:

1. Model, capacity, quantity, color.

2. Is it a standard product or a non-standard product (all products that do not conform to the high and low voltage electrical plans provided by the company are regarded as non-standard products).

3. Transformer performance model, connection group, decomposition range.

4. For the ring network or terminal, the type of cable head, the type and section of the incoming cable, whether it has a lightning arrester, whether it has a fault indicator and a computer indicator.

5. Low-voltage scheme number, low-voltage circuit breaker model and specification. Requirements such as low-voltage measurement, whether it is a separate seal, low-voltage transformer model and accuracy requirements, active meter, reactive meter or comprehensive tester, electronic meter model specifications.