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YB type (European change) pre-installed box-type substation

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Description: It mainly produces all kinds of high, medium and low voltage switchgear. Since its establishment, it has developed rapidly with the support of the majority of users. At present, it has a number of advanced machinery and equipment production lines and a scientific research and management team composed of middle and senior talents with rich experience and strong technical force. Technological level and product quality, to better serve our customers.

Keywords: high-voltage switchgear, medium-voltage switchgear, low-voltage switchgear, box-type substation, integrated distribution station

Product Details

YB type (European transformer) pre-packaged box-type substation is a new type of power distribution device that is more economical and more affordable in today's power distribution system. It is a combination of high-voltage switchgear, transformer and low-voltage switchgear. The mobile pre-installed substation device assembled in the factory is a new product specially designed and manufactured for my country's urban power distribution network. It has excellent performance such as reliable power supply, reasonable structure, low investment, small size, simple installation, elegant appearance, convenient operation and maintenance, etc. It can directly penetrate into the load center, and can realize the purpose of power transmission with one installation. This series of products is suitable for substations with rated voltage of 6~35kV, rated frequency of 50Hz, and rated capacity of 1250kVA and below. Therefore, it is widely used in residential quarters, high-rise buildings, tourist attractions, highways, industrial and mining enterprises, oil field terminals, and urban public power distribution places where land is tight.

This product complies with GB3906, DL/537, ZBK40001, SD320, GB/Xia 1 7467 and other standards.

Model Description


YB type (European transformer) pre-installed box-type substation


Use ambient conditions

1. The altitude should not exceed 2000m.

2. The upper limit of ambient temperature is +40℃, and the lower limit is -30℃.

3. The daily average relative humidity is not more than 95%, and the monthly average relative humidity is not more than 90%.

4. The outdoor wind speed should not exceed 35m/s.

5. It should be installed in a place without fire, explosion hazard, serious pollution, chemical corrosion and severe vibration, and the vertical inclination of installation should not exceed 5%.

Main skill parameters


YB type (European transformer) pre-installed box-type substation


Product Features

1. The shell is made of glass fiber reinforced special cement material, which has good anti-exposure and heat insulation performance. Composite board materials can also be used

2. It has anti-freezing, anti-condensation, anti-cracking, anti-corrosion, fire-retardant and flame-retardant properties.

3. The wall is firm, the surface layer is dense and uniform, the service life is long, maintenance-free, and the sealing performance is good, which can effectively prevent the intrusion of noise and dust.

4. It has strong mechanical strength and good resistance to impact.

5. Beautiful appearance, the shell color adopts advanced exterior wall paint imported from abroad, and the main color of the exterior wall can be

6. Match the colors of the surrounding buildings. Commonly used colors are: almond yellow, camel gray, pink, white and other colors, the top of the box has sky blue, red, bean paste and other colors, and the tiles are red, green, black, etc.

Structural Features

1. The removable partition between the high voltage chamber, the transformer chamber and the low voltage chamber divides the entire box into three independent chambers. There are window holes for wires and cables to pass through between the cells. The high and low pressure chambers are assembled by components or forming cabinets. The final assembly only needs to carry out the electrical connection between the three chambers and their respective fixed connections.

2. The box transformer adopts the complementary heat dissipation form of forced ventilation and natural ventilation. Holes are opened on the steel plate at the bottom of the transformer room, and the top is covered with a mesh. There are exhaust holes around the roof to ensure good natural ventilation. The top is equipped with four exhaust fans. The start and stop of the exhaust fans can be controlled manually or automatically controlled by the temperature control device according to the temperature of the transformer oil surface to ensure that the transformer can run at full load.

3. The top cover adopts a double-layer, sloping roof structure, which has the effect of heat insulation to reduce the indoor temperature rise caused by sunlight, and ensure that the top of the box does not seep or drip.

4. According to the power supply characteristics and user requirements, the equipment of the high-voltage circuit adopts various forms of load switches with relatively mature technology and reliable performance at home and abroad; load switch cabinets can realize various types of terminals, ring networks, and double incoming lines. The wiring method can be equipped with high-voltage metering cabinets, and has a perfect anti-misoperation power table.

5. Low-voltage switchgear can be selected according to the provided scheme. The low-voltage room has various functions such as power distribution, lighting distribution, reactive power compensation, electric energy measurement and electricity measurement.

6. Both high and low voltage sides adopt cable entry method.

7. Each room of the box transformer has sufficient lighting facilities, and sockets can be installed in the low-voltage room according to user requirements for future inspection and maintenance.

8. The box-transformer hoisting can be upper hoisting or lower hoisting according to user requirements.

Dimensions and foundation map


YB type (European transformer) pre-installed box-type substation


Transformer performance parameters and dimensions


YB type (European transformer) pre-packed substation


Internal structure


YB type (European transformer) pre-packed substation


Installation and maintenance


1. After the product arrives at the installation site and unpacked, you should first check whether the appearance is bumped or deformed, whether the internal electrical components and connections are damaged, falling off, or loose, and whether the random documents and spare parts are complete.

2. Prefabricate the base and cable compartment according to the product installation size and GB 232 "Code for Construction and Acceptance of Electrical Installation Installation Engineering", and pre-embed the grounding system and grounding screws.

3. After the box-type substation is hoisted and installed on the foundation, firm the anchor bolts and firmly connect the box-type substation grounding screws with the foundation grounding screws.

Before the device is put into operation, the following inspections and tests shall be carried out:

1. Check whether the electrical equipment and wiring inside the switch cabinet meet the requirements of the drawing, whether the wire ends are marked with numbers, and whether the wiring is neat and firm.

2. Check whether the installed electrical equipment is in good contact and whether it meets the technical conditions of the electrical equipment itself.

3. Whether the main contacts of the main electrical appliances are reliable and accurate.

4. Check and test whether all meters and relays operate correctly.

5. Check whether the action of the operating mechanism is normal, flexible and reliable, and whether the electrical and mechanical interlocking is normal.

6. The temperature of the control transformer room indicates whether the controller has been adjusted to the allowable operating temperature of the transformer room, and the allowable operating temperature of the transformer is 48°C.

7. Whether the resistance of the protective grounding point is less than 0.1Ω.

8. Check the transformer performance according to the regulations.

9. After installation, temporarily block the cable hole.

10. The grounding wire of the arrester is directly connected to the grounding screw of the grounding system.


The box-type substation should be put into operation according to the parameters specified on its nameplate. The operation steps are as follows:

A. Make it clear that all switches are in the open position;

B. Close the branch load switch of the two ring networks (for the incoming line of the ring network):

C. Close the transformer branch switch and observe whether the live monitors are live;

D. If there is no abnormality, first operate the voltage transfer switch (or directly observe the three-phase voltmeter) on the front panel of the low-voltage side to observe whether the three-phase voltage of the low-voltage side is balanced and whether the indication is normal;

E. When the voltage is normal, close the low-voltage side bus incoming switch:

F. When there is no abnormality, close the branch switches one by one, and observe the pointer of each ammeter at the same time to indicate whether it is within the normal range;

G. When the box-type substation is out of operation, the above steps can be carried out in reverse order.

The interlock function of the high voltage cabinet is as follows;

A. After the load switch is closed, the grounding switch cannot be closed, and the switch cabinet door cannot be opened;

B. When the grounding switch is closed, the load switch cannot be closed;

C. When the load switch is open, the grounding switch is closed and the switch cabinet can be opened;

D. When the incoming line cabinet needs to be repaired, it must be confirmed through the high-voltage live display and the high-voltage test pen that all phases are not live, and the grounding wire can be hung before entering.

When the transformer oil surface temperature exceeds the upper limit setting value, the exhaust fan of the transformer room will be put into operation automatically. When the oil level reaches the lower limit setting value (for the automatic control system), the fan will automatically stop.

It should be determined during the operation of the productPeriodic inspections, and problems should be resolved in a timely manner. Maintenance

Products should be regularly repaired and maintained. High and low voltage switchgear, power transformers, cables, and metering systems are all carried out in accordance with electrical regulations and electricity regulations.

If oil-immersed transformers are used, sampling and analysis should be carried out at least once a year in accordance with the regulations. If the transformer is to be lifted out of the box, it can be lifted from the top, and the capacity below 630kVA can also be pushed out from the door.

After the high-voltage switchgear has been opened and closed for 20 times at full load or 2000 times without negative opening and closing, the contact condition of the contacts and the consumption of the arc extinguishing device should be checked, and any abnormal changes should be repaired or replaced in time. After the low-voltage switchgear automatically trips, the cause of the fault should be checked and analyzed, and the switch can be re-closed and put into operation after it is discharged.

The arrester should be tested for preventive performance once a year before and after the thunderstorm season.

Only enter the high-voltage cabinet for maintenance when the incoming cable head is grounded to ensure that the incoming side is not electrified.

The transformer room and low-voltage room can be overhauled only when the branch circuit load switch of the high-voltage cabinet is open (with obvious breaking points) and the grounding switch is closed. (The key of the transformer room is stored in the high-voltage cabinet of the transformer branch)

Product kits

The switchgear comes with a packing list, product certificate, instruction manual, and necessary drawings. The random accessories include door keys and spare parts provided according to the matching list.

Ordering Instructions

When ordering, please provide the following information: box-type substation structure, shell requirements; high and low circuit main wiring scheme and electrical component models, parameters; transformer model, capacity and voltage level; color selection; spare parts, spare parts Name and quantity; other special requirements.

Main circuit scheme


YB type (European transformer) pre-installed box-type substation



YB type (European transformer) pre-installed box-type substation