Integrated distribution box

XRM Integrated distribution box

Box is closed structure, with steel plate bending welding or special profile assembly and local welding, with beautiful appearance, high strength characteristics; The components are fixed on the beam or mounting plate, and the visible parts such as the box and door panel are treated with epoxy powder electrostatic spraying or galvanized surface. The coating is uniform, beautiful and corrosion resistant.

Type XL-21(G) low pressure enclosed power cabinet

XL-21(G)X type low-voltage enclosed power cabinet is suitable for three-phase three-wire, three-phase five-wire system with AC voltage of 500V and below in power generation and industrial and mining enterprises.

PZ30 low voltage enclosed lighting box

PZ30 low voltage enclosed lighting box is suitable for single phase and three phase circuit with frequency of 50Hz, rated voltage of 500V and below, load current is not greater than 100A, for power lighting, motor control, overload, leakage and short circuit protection of the circuit, the box design is reasonable, small size, beautiful appearance, safe and reliable use,

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