Sales clerk

Face to face

Job Responsibilities:
1. Master the company's product knowledge, familiar with the company's manufacturing process and understand the project operation process.
2. Obey the company's work arrangement, carry out the company's sales management regulations and implementation rules, strive to improve their own business level, and strive to complete the annual sales target.
3. Submit weekly reports and monthly work plans regularly, strictly implement project registration, and submit project tracking records. Require monthly fixed number of customer visit form, actively develop new customers, maintain good relationship and lasting contact with customers, expand business channels.
4. Responsible for the signing of individual project contracts and the whole process of contract performance. Timely feedback and deal with problems encountered in the process of performance.
5. Directive work of superior leadership.
Job Requirements:
1. College degree or above
2, marketing, business management, electrical related majors
3. Familiar with business process operation, master the knowledge of electrical industry and products
4. Proficient in using office software, familiar with online bidding operation process, strong language expression skills and certain writing skills, strong communication skills, coordination skills, negotiation skills and communication skills