Structural engineer

Face to face

Job Responsibilities:
1. According to the provided technical data, guided the production department to carry out the product structure design with the principle of cost minimization, and was responsible for the timeliness of the design projects;
2. Responsible for the self-calibration of the design project and the correctness of the project;
3. Assisted the process department to solve structural problems in production;
4. Responsible for technical confirmation of outsourcing projects;
5. Participate in the design error reflection meeting, propose improvement measures for the problems existing in the design quality and implement them;
6. Compile the professional training courseware, undertake the internal training responsibilities, and promote the implementation of the training plan;
7. Responsible for technical confirmation of outsourcing projects;
8. Completed structural assembly drawing design (including cabinet installation beam, component positioning and copper bar design);
Job Requirements:
1. Major in mechatronics, mechanical design and manufacturing;
2. Independently designed the product structure of high-pressure (inflatable cabinet ring network cabinet, middle cabinet, box transformer) low-voltage complete equipment;
3. Experience in sheet metal design is preferred;